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Fall Pet Care

Aaah Fall is here. Time for cooler temperatures, holiday treats and decorations. But what...


Stop Hugging Your Dog. He Hates It!

Think you’re showing your dog some love when you hug him? Wrong. He actually takes it...


Fun Facts About Maine Coons!

Maine Coons are large, beautiful cats. They are one of the most popular breed of cats...

Cute & Funny

Absolutely Hilarious Kitten Memes

They are cute, funny and full of personality. What do you think kittens are thinking? Check out this funny list and see if you agree!

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Cutest Dog Memes Around! Here’s 10 to Give You a Chuckle!

They are clever, hysterical and let's face it, live the Life of Riley. Here's 10 Memes to give you a laugh when you need a pickup!

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